Let’s Recap the Past 15 Years…


Council has,

  • Successfully fought to keep the obstetrics department open at Georgetown Hospital
  • Successfully fought on behalf of Canadian Industries opposing Buy American protectionism – Saving 1000’s of Canadian jobs
  • Successfully fought along with the community the 4-3 (400 series highway) through Halton Hills
  • Successfully fought a Provincially driven idea to force sale/merger Halton Hills Hydro
  • Successfully advocated the return of the GO Train to Acton
  • Successfully convinced the Minister of Health to fund $2.68 million to Georgetown Hospital Expansion


Council has,

  • Supported many industrial expansions
    within Halton Hills.
  • Promoted the 401 Halton Hills Premier Gateway Corridor adding 5 million sq. feet of industrial and commercial to our tax base
  • Developed a Community Improvement Plan to support local retail businesses


Council has,

  • Created 23 km of trails and bridges as well as protected bike lanes
  • Installed 3 splash pads in our parks
  • Added additional Soccer fields and diamonds
  • Resolved the long outstanding ice shortage by increasing ice pads
  • Constructed a New library in Acton and renovated Georgetown Library, Art and Culture Centre
  • Supported two new Skateboard Parks for Acton and Georgetown